Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Minimally Invasive Removal of Teeth

Laser technologies are used in our office to provide additional choices or alternatives for tooth extractions, whether simple or complex. The cool pulsating tip gently severs connective tissues that surround the root structure so effortlessly that many patients are unaware of perceiving the treatment.

No more drudgery of old fashioned tooth removal that involves twisting and tugging that commonly tears soft tissues and can cause bone loss

Bleeding, which is normally common with manual extractions, is essentially a non-event. Lasers are self cauterizing.

For our patient featured in this video, she had a broken tooth that was at risk for additional breakage and fragmenting if old fashioned extraction procedures were used. The use of our laser also significantly reduced the need for pain medications.

Overall, the patient was so comfortable that she was "verbally" told how the treatment was progressing.... even when the tooth was removed.