Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Periodontitis Teeth Replacement in One Appointment

A live video of an entire, one appointment treatment session that effectively removes diseased teeth and tissue caused by periodontitis.

A unique combination of periodontics and prosthodontics all performed under one roof, without outside referrals enabled the patient to leave the office with a new prosthetic bridge which becomes the model for the permament porcelain bridge after a suitable try-in period.

The use of temporary restorations assures our patients that any errors or cosmetic changes are completed before the final restoration (in this case, a new bridge) fits and feels like natural teeth, as defined by the patient.

Similar to our Nobel Biocare products (Teeth In An Hour), our office is able to provide patients with the convenience and comfort of complex treatment needs without additional, time consuming appointments.

Use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to discuss with Dr. Mc Farland the feasibility of this example protocol for your teeth replacement needs. Or... use our Consult Request for a complimentary evaluation to learn even more.