Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Atlanta Fractured Tooth Treatment and Replacement

Traumatized tooth structures can present special problems for patients and dentists.

The featured patient sought treatment soon after traumatizing a upper tooth. Manifestations of inflammation and infection started to appear on the gingiva near the end of the root.

Because the tooth split uniquely into only two pieces, rather than several fragments, the extraction produced a "clean" socket.

A dental implant replacement was chosen by the patient. Tissue graft materials were used while placing the implant to fortify the ridge. The implant site was sealed with a healing cap and suturing to assure an optimal environment for total osseointegration of the implant.

A flipper was used to provide a cosmetic appearance of no missing teeth, placed out of occlusion to protect the treatment area while healing.

The final restoration was placed approximately 60 days later.

Patients seeking treatment for suspected tooth fractures may or may not be candidates for dental implant replacements.

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