Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Atlanta Drill Free Cavity Treatment

The Waterlase MD Laser, our newest and most powerful and versatile laser, now enables us to use minimally invasive laser procedures that weren't possible just a few years ago.

Not only does the laser excel at soft tissue treatments ..... it has proven to be very effective at treating hard tissue needs, the most common being cavity treatments. From the simplest cavity to the most difficult, the Waterlase MD assures removal of diseased (caries) tissue with minimal loss of original tooth structure.

No vibration, no high pitched drilling sounds and no heat. The need for anesthesia is all but eliminated for most common treatments. Laser treatments of deep molar cavities and filling removal can guard against the internal fracturing and encroachment upon nerve tissue is routinely associated with drilling of deep fillings that often require follow up root canal treatments (RCT).

Tori (Exostosis) Removal

Tori removal is practically a non event with our new laser. No heat, no vibration (especially for upper jaw exostosis) with little or no need for anesthesia. The perceived complexities or discomfort of tori removal no longer exist with advanced laser technology.

Crown Lengthening and Gingival Contouring

Most accomplished cosmetic dentists and cosmetic periodontists agree that the best treatment for assuring a true hollywood style gum lift, or recontouring treatment, should include tissue therapies of not only the gum tissue within the gingival arch, but the underlying bone responsible for maintaining healthy, cosmetically correct papilla (the narrow semi-transparent gum tissue that borders the tooth enamel.

One of the most common failures with veneer dentistry and/or gum reshaping is the failure to trim this delicate hard tissue area adequately which creates an awkward appearance and, for some patients, lead to gum pain and in extreme cases, bleeding along the top of the veneer.