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Atlanta Composite Bonding Tooth Repair

Not all bonding products and treatment protocols are the same.

Composites have been used routinely for decades to repair chipped teeth and create tooth colored fillings for cavities.

Today's advancements in bonding chemistry and Dr. McFarland's treatment protocols have created new treatment possibilities that didn't exist with "yesterday's bonding."

Outdated bonding composites tended to wear with age. Because of it's high porosity, old bonding materials tended to stain easily and often fail after a few years if bite pressures operated on the tooth.

Color matching was difficult.

Today's advanced composites now enable near perfect color matching, effects of translucency at the incisal edges (biting edge), color shading across each tooth and shape - size characteristics that seem to compete with Mother Nature.

The newer multi-step application process used by Dr. McFarland enables him to create tooth repair and enamel replacement possibilities that endure well under biting pressure with the look and feel of natural tooth enamel.

Watch this short video to see, first hand, how premium products and technique do indeed make a difference.

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