Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Atlanta Dental Procedure Videos

  • Attractive Dental Bonding versus Ugly

    Cosmetic Teeth Bonding
    Watch this short animated video to learn why dental bonding procedures and products are NOT all alike.

    Materials, artistic eye and specific treatment protocols make the difference in having bonding treatments that make a treated tooth look and feel natural versus a bonded tooth that looks and feels fake.

  • Fractured Tooth Treatment Options

    A fractured tooth treatment that required complete replacemeent of the tooth versus treatments to "save" a fractured tooth.

    A fracture was determined to travel directly into pulp and root structure, causing the tooth to split precisely into two pieces rather than fragments. Implant technology was the procedure of choice for tooth replacement.

  • Immediate Teeth Replacement: Periodontitis Patients

    Dr. Schweinebraten and Dr. McFarland demonstrate a unique combination of specialist procedures that extract, treat and replace diseased teeth in only one appointment.

    See, first hand, how our patients can choose new options for getting the comprehensive care they want... in a time frame that is convenient for nearly anyone.

    The fear of being toothless for complex dentistry shouldn't have to be endured by any patient.

  • Periodontitis Prevention

    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses gum disease and how it especially affects adult patients. Dr. Marie participates in the interview, along with a local patient, providing a description of treatment benefits and a brief outline of what patients can do to monitor telltale signs of gum disease.

    Today's advancement in technologies and procedures enable patients to better control or eliminate the destructive forces of periodontitis and implications for tooth and bone loss.

  • Minimally Invasive Tooth Extractions

    Painless removal of teeth
    Laser technologies are used in our office to provide additional choices or alternatives for tooth extractions, whether simple or complex. The cool pulsating tip gently severs connective tissues that surround the root structure so effortlessly that many patients are unaware of perceiving the treatment.

    No more drudgery of old fashioned tooth removal that involves twisting and tugging that commonly tears soft tissues and can cause bone loss

  • Orthodontic Lip Sore Laser Treatment

    Easy Pain Free Fibroma Surgery
    Orthodontic fibromas are a familiar issue for many patients, young and old, who wear traditional metal braces. Tissue sores form in different areas of the mouth that can become painful. Minimally invasive technologies (Waterlase Laser) are used by Dr. Marie to provide a nearly pain free treatment experience that goes far beyond what was possible with old fashioned methods that often require pain management medications.

    This young female patient had a small but bothersome fibroma on her lower lip. See how minimally invasive laser surgery removes the unwanted tissue with little patient awareness.

  • Gum Grafts to Cover Exposed Roots

    Patient Donated Tissue Grafting Georgia
    Gum grafting is the treatment of choice for tooth structures that are losing coverage on the roots. Patients who are free of active disease and are candidates for simple or complex grafting can often choose different types of tissue products for grafting.

    In this live surgery demonstration, Alloderm, a popular grafting product, was passed over in favor of patient dontated tissue which customarily provides a superb healing event. A small amount of tissue is harvested from the patient's palate. Dr. Schweinebraten uses laser technologies are as needed to assure the highest degree of patient comfort during this invasive perio surgery.

  • #2: Gum Grafts to Cover Exposed Roots

    Autogenous Tissue Grafts Georgia
    Another example of using gingival tissue harvested from a patient's palate to perform a neat singular repair of a compromised area of gum tissue on a single anterior tooth in the mandible.

    Proactive tissue repair typically overcomes the complications of increased sensitivity and eliminates the damage that can occur to the tooth structure when areas of the tooth that have little or no protective enamel are exposed.

    Dr. Schweinebraten's full adaptation of laser technology for gum tissue therapies, repair and augmentation deliver a level of comfort that significantly minimizes, if not eliminates the need for anesthetic medications.

  • Lower Jaw Bone Cyst Removal

    Atlanta Duluth Decatur Cyst Surgery
    Bone cysts, when identified, should be removed to assure that bone, root and connective tissues are not compromised. In this case, an Odontogenic - Keratocyst (very aggressive) type of cyst was diagnosed via biopsy.

    A combination of minimally invasive technologies assured prompt removal of all affected tissues with a minimum of discomfort for the patient. Standard and advanced bone grafting products were used to reconstruct the functional aspects of bone and connective tissues, while creating the desired cosmetic outcome wanted by the patient.

  • Nobel Biocare Teeth In An Hour

    Georgia Teeth In An Hour
    An animated demonstration of Nobel Biocare's Teeth In An Hour procedure for placing an entire arch of fixed prosthetic teeth in under an hour.CAD/CAM principles, coupled with 3D ctscans produce a level of perfection for tooth replacement that is second to none. Implant placement errors that can occur with free hand, unguided implant placements are virtually non-existant.

    Patients seeking the ultimate in precision and the most convenience in multiple tooth replacements are encouraged to investigate this option and the criteria for becoming a candidate for the Teeth In An Hour procedure.

  • Non Invasive Cavity Treatment

    Painless Cavity Treatment
    The Waterlase MD Laser, our newest and most powerful and versatile laser, now enables us to use minimally invasive laser procedures that weren't possible just a few years ago.

    Not only does the laser excel at soft tissue treatments ..... it has proven to be very effective at treating hard tissue needs, the most common being cavity treatments.

    From the simplest cavity to the most difficult, the Waterlase MD assures removal of diseased (caries) tissue with minimal loss of original tooth structure.