Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Atlanta Laser Assisted Reconstructive and Cosmetic Periodontics

Dr. Schweinebraten's adaption of the Waterlase MD Dental Laser is as thorough and "complete" as can be imagined.

The Waterlase MD laser, for most patients, significantly reduces the need for the common pain and discomfort medications that are associated with periodontal treatments. Other patients require no anesthetic medications at all.

Tissue therapies, gum grafting, gummy smile makeovers, hard and soft tissue augmentation, treatment of common and complex gum disease (gingivitis - periodontitis) are provided with the use of the most current non invasive technology now available.

Dr. Marie is rarely seen now using the old fashioned instruments that most patients associate with dentistry and routine perio treatments. Scalpals, explorers (ouch), probes, manual scaling instruments and other manual - invasive instruments are a thing of the past.

Simple Frenectomy

Procedure Favorites

The versatility of the new Waterlase MD laser has had an impact on "treatment favorites" as defined by our patients and Dr. Marie herself.

Our most requested procedures now consist of:
  • Gingivectomy (gummy smile rehab treatments)
  • Frenectomies (lip repositioning, diastemas, tongue tied)
  • Removal of fibromas, lip sores, tongue sores, apthous ulcers)
  • Atraumatic extractions (yes, removal of teeth can be laser assisted)
  • Precision Crown Lengthening (helps create the perfect crown placement)
  • Text book versions of makeover quality of veneer placements
  • Orthodontic tissue preparation to facilitate tooth eruption
Doctors Marie and Chris are specialists in Periodontics and Prosthodontics. They have been assessing and treating dental conditions from the tissue level... on up... rather than a "tooth treatment" issue that most patients are accustomed to.

Popular Benefits

Goodbye to drills: Many of the procedures provided by Dr. Marie no longer require the use of a drill. The sights, sounds and sensations that some patients find objectionable with common drill or abrasion instruments are replaced with a thin tipped instrument that uses pulsating waves of energy that creates no heat.

Gentle: It is so gentle.... that Dr. Marie explains what is going on with treatment ... perception of treatment activities is virtually non-existant.

Tissue surgeries: Therapies that involve trimming, reshaping or modifying sensitive oral tissues are equally comfortable. Laser power is easily adjusted to provide a treatment that is so minimally invasive that the need for even the mildest of anesthetics is often not required.

Eliminating sutures: Many implant surgeries involve the use of healing caps and various types of grafting procedures. Gum tissue that is routinely encouraged to grow over and cover healing caps (promote best health outcome) is eventually treated to expose the implant, in preparation for abutments for teeth or bridgework. Dr. Marie's proprietary techniques eliminate the need for conventional cutting of tissue and resuturing.

Gum disease treatments: None of our patients are treated with yesterday's old fashioned instruments for controlling and/or eradicating the various stages of gum disease (click here for more detail). Enduring the discomfort that has been commonly associated with traditional gingivitis and periodontitis treatments are a thing of the past.

Tissue healing: Instruments that manually modify or remove soft oral tissues impose a requirement of extended healing times and protection from possible infection. Our laser technology however, is a self-cauterizing instument which essentially means that modified tissue is not "open" to infection hazards. Rather, the delicate tissues are "sealed" as treatment progresses.