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Controlling the Need for Bone Graft Surgeries

Depending upon the availability of or access to technologies and the skills training needed to apply those technologies... the need for bone grafting or jawbone augmentation isn't as "required" as it once was.

Dentists and specialists who possess the ability to offer these technologies (all under one roof), like Dr. McFarland, can now design and combine a variety of advanced dental products that promote the best possible oral health possible without the need for many supplemental bone and/or soft tissue grafting procedures.

Decreased treatment time, shorter healing periods, elimination or minimized need for invasive tissue surgeries along with the additive costs of grafting products have great appeal for patients of all ages.

Product and Brand Utilization

Nobel Biocare implants, immediate load implants, Imtec, Zest, Procera, Lava, custom titanium milling, All On Four, Nobelguides, BioLase Laser, IPN, NobelActive, Blue Line, NobelTapered and Kodak cone beam are a few of today's newer technologies that enable Dr. McFarland and Dr. Schweinebraten to provide restorative and/or reconstructive services at the most advanced level possible.

No Brainer Technology Implementation

Our use of high end scanning technologies have all but replaced the need to use conventional xray diagnostics. Patients can now "see" and evaluate, first hand, oral tissue health conditions incorporating 3D technologies from any imaginable perspective possible.

Digital rotation of 3D imagery removes "yesterday's guesswork" for evaluating, accurately, the current state of dental and supportive tissue conditions needed for making treatment recommendations that don't backfire.

Bone quality and density is the foundation for assuring dental function that most patients want. Having the objective data to make recommendations that make sense and involve the least cost now enables patients to get treatments that won't require retreatment due to an undiscovered need or tissue condition.

Bone Graft Minimizing Examples

4 Implants No Bone Grafts
All On Four Graft Free Implants
Case #1: Bone leveling, Kodak 3D cone beam ctscans, Nobel Biocare All On Four, NobelGuide implant surgery guides. stone modeling, custom titanium milling and formulated acrylic - quartz products enabled this patient to undergo an entire upper jaw reconstruction with nearly no adjunctive pulverized bone or bone block tissue grafting.

Click here to review the technologies and procedures used to create a full arch of upper teeth that not only recreated the patient's original bite height (no collapsed, granny bite) with a fixed denture product that does not look like a denture.

Minimal Bone Graft Implant Dentistry
Upper Arch Rehab
Case #2: Custom titanium milling combined with the use of variable depth implants along a patient's upper jaw, adjustable temporary implant abutments, prosthodontic stone modeling and the use of an acrylic temporary "try-in" bridge enabled the patient and Dr. McFarland to create a permanent fixed porcelain bridge product that effectively rebuilt lost dental function without additional bone grafting.

Click here to review how the patient's "smile behavior" was used to define how a custom bridge was milled to recreate the desired dental function but with a cosmetic result that is quite astounding.... considering that bone graft procedures were eliminated without comprosing overall treatment objectives and long term endurance.

Minimal Bone Graft Implant Bridge
Implant Bridge
Case #3: Five (5) unit upper left quadrant bridge using variable depth implants and abutments that provides another example of how treatment costs can be controlled while developing and fabricating a custom prosthetic that meets or surpasses the patient's stated treatment goals.

Click here to see how different depths of bone quantity along the upper bony ridge were prepared for different types of implant devices that provided the best assurance for full osseointegration while providing a stable attachment framework for a bridge product that is indistinguisable from the patient's natural teeth.... all without additional bone graft treatments..

Minimal Treatment Advantages

Because of the use of cone beam ctscans and specialized CAD/CAM treatment planning software, implant placements are created with utmost precision and specificity that can, for many patients, eliminate the need for bone grafting procedures ... once considered a requirement for any type of traditional implant.

Bone Graft Questions?

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