Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Cost Effective Treatment Delivery

It is generally accepted that as dental patients, we all "know" that we are supposed to do all the things our dentists or specialists want us to do.

And of course, we try to do the best we can with maintaining our dental health. Chances are though, we tend to let certain things slide from time to time.

Financial resources can easily become tight at times, especially with larger families or having simultaneous dental treatment needs for more than one family member.

Treatment Without Delay

Although it is quite common for all of us to put off or forestall certain recommended treatments, some interventions, if not implemented within certain time frames.... can cause untold effects for overall oral health.

To prevent prolonged delay, our office has access to a variety of resources that are designed to help individuals and families to get the treatments they need on a timely basis.

As with anything in dental health care.... conditions don't improve with time (although we may learn to adjust or manage the problem). And, as in general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry, treatments tend to become more complex and costly the longer we delay treatment.

Many treatment plans can be designed by Dr. Marie and Dr. Chris to be modular and, in most instances, designed to be more affordable for individuals and their families. Inexpensive and interest-free financing resources make this possible.

Creative Treatment Delay

Dental treatment plans that appear to be primarily cosmetic can, if left untreated, become worse over time due to the "reconstructive aspects" of treatment. While many restorative services can be forestalled for an extended time period.... there are conditions that can rapidly become worse, causing a need for additional or more extensive treatment later, frequently causing costs to increase.

Some of the more common examples would include variations of gum disease, broken or worn teeth causing damage to other teeth, jaw pain stemming from a disturbed bite, decay issues affecting bridges, old fillings, gum pain related to ill fitting dentures, worn out partials, etc.

Modular Treatment Planning

We invite patients to inquire about our specialized treatment plans that prevent costs or treatment needs from increasing. The resources our office commonly uses for creating these cost-saving treatment plans include:
  • CareCredit, a popular provider promoted by many reconstructive dentistry practices and orthodontists. Care Credit offers a variety of flexible payment plans with a choice of interest rates as low as Zero. Apply at 1-800-365-8295.

  • Chase Health Advance (formerly named Unicorn Financial) - offers interest-free and long term payment plans

  • Springstone Patient Financing Offers attractive interest rates and easy payment plans for up to $40,000 of treatments

  • - offers affordable financing for cosmetic procedures

  • VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Contact us at (770) 623-0930 to make arrangements for discussing how our financing resources can be creatively used to prevent treatment needs from increasing. You can also use our Consultation Form for making these arrangements.

Have a particular question in mind? You can also contact Dr. Marie or Dr. Chris (or both) directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist Form, to obtain specific answers to any specific questions you may have. Get the objective information you need for making an informed decision.