Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry

Specialty Advantage

The advancements in today's dentistry, in terms of procedures, technologies and overall product choices have achieved an astounding level. Depending upon the type of general dentist or specialist being consulted with... the variety and number of choices for achieving the same goal can be confusing for many patients.

Doctors Marie and Chris are specialists in Periodontics and Prosthodontics. They have been assessing and treating dental conditions from the tissue level... on up... rather than a "tooth treatment" issue that most patients are accustomed to.

Tooth Replacement Theory

As a fully trained Prosthodontist, Dr. Chris has the ability to visualize several different methods or choices for treating or replacing one or more teeth in contrast to what might be proposed by a general dentist.

His increased flexibility and access to a greater number of restorative products and procedural know how are particularly valued by patients who enjoy seeking not one or two methods of treating a given dental need... but several.

Knowing how to obtain the best advantage of combining certain dental products and procedures creates the unique ability to recommend a range of treatment choices that can be made to suit nearly any budget.